The Deal Shack Foundation is a non-profit service providing Pop Up Shops of Convenience to Metro Atlanta area senior citizens living in independent housing communities. In 2011, we opened our first Pop Up Shop at Baptist Towers in Atlanta, which houses 300 Seniors with 268 designated as Section 8 assisted.  Today, operating as a 501c3 since 2016, we provide Pop Up Shops to 10-15 senior communities in the area on a monthly basis.

Our shops offer everyday products including toiletries, cleaning supplies, water, cereal, crackers, soups, tuna, pillows, sheets, brooms and even fresh vegetables just to name a few.


As a senior, shopping can be overwhelming and intimidating for a number of reasons: lack of transportation, resources, family, and mobility.  The cost and logistics of the trip to a local Kroger, Walmart or CVS is discouraging.


Our shops are small but powerful as we fill fellowship rooms of Senior Communities (High Rise) with great products at great prices. 

 I would like to expand our offering with additional services to many other communities. There are an estimated 400+ Senior Communities in Atlanta offering us many opportunities for growth. The number of newly developed facilities has been on a constant increase in recent years as many Seniors are living longer.  To achieve the expansion and reach more Seniors we are in need of funding to help us grow and deliver.


As a mother responsible for shopping for my family our budget for household supplies was getting higher and higher. I started researching smarter ways to shop to reduce the rising cost of everyday goods. By practicing new shopping methods, I was able to see a great reduction in my budget.

While beginning to save on my shopping, it reminded me of my great grandmother, Jessie, who refused to think that a pair of jeans no longer cost $4.00 in 1982.  In her mind, prices should never change.   Memories of Jessie helped to evolve my startup from personal savings to a program that now helps folks like my great grandmother obtain everyday products at reasonable prices without having to leave the safety and convenience of their homes.